Wear high-heeled shoes need what conditions

With the development of society, the women wear high-heeled shoes have not is what amazing things. Walking in the street,
With the development of society, the women wear high-heeled shoes have not is what amazing things. Walking in the street, you can see a lot of people wear Chanel heels, in bars and discos also can see many people wear high heels, in the office can still see the women wear high heels more. What was it that let so many people wear high heels? Maybe they just think wearing high-heeled shoes very fashionable, maybe they think wearing high-heeled shoes can let oneself become a higher point, and maybe let himself in the leg appears slender, the whole people more beautiful more attractive. Wear high heels as the doomed not to go faster, which requires the wearer life comfortable and easy and comfortable, never need to hurry walk for some reason, can have enough time to light to move slowly and exciting. For those who need to busy with work or busy with household chores of women is obviously very excessive demands, if this kind of women in order to pursue the beauty and forced to wear very fine high heels ultimately suffer only their cheap Chanel shoes.
Foot. Therefore the abundance wearing high heels need to use material life, have guaranteed benefit-pursuing time. In addition also requires her walking environment is associate the environment, and also comfortable showily road need to keep smooth, that road may not have a messy small gravel, even if it's just pin-points of several star, the road also can not have uneven. This road is already a very rare, but a person lives for a long time in the environment through the ground to all is this road that has to be aristocracy. Many women complaining about Chanel high heelsagainst high-heeled shoes, their main reason is: high-heeled shoes are a full performance, torture in heels can make feet very uncomfortable, even can be very painful, and easy to wrestling. This is actually they don't have to wear high-heeled shoes material foundation lead. Just think only in extremely flat wearing high heels on the pavement light to move, and how will slowly get feet hurt? Therefore the mark wearing high heels is noble, also so even ordinary women wear high heels will also sharply aristocratic temperament and elegant, the aristocratic temperament often can give a person with refreshing feeling of free from vulgarity. Dear women, you now maybe this knows that not everyone can wear heels, wear high-heeled shoes is need certain condition!

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