Fashion coach tote bags

High fashion handbags are something that makes women more attractive and adorable. High fashion Handbags mean the latest and the hottest trends of handbags. Trend in colors, trends in models, trend in brands, trend in designs and the hottest trend in styles and fashions.
Started as a family business in a New York City loft in 1941, the Coach Leatherwear Company has set the benchmark for fine quality and stylish women s Coach handbags and Coach luggage, briefcases and various other leather accessories for all. Using a technique inspired by a baseball glove to soften and strengthen the leather with use, Coach developed their first high quality handbags. This superior quality Coach tote bag was designed to be durable enough to become a family heirloom.
While originally known for just the high quality of their product, Coach tote bags wooed designer Bonnie Cashing to their business in the early 1960 s. The newly designed Coach tote bags became famous for their brilliant and untraditional colors as well as the functionality of the Coach purses, Coach wallets and accessories.
One of the features that made the new Coach line of handbags and accessories unique was that these varied products were designed to be matching sets whether created for men or women. Her enduring legacy was in including the brass toggle fastener that became a distinctive Coach trademark.
Admittedly, Coach handbags and accessories are a bit more highly priced than some competitor s products. However, this is in part because of the quality of the materials and manufacturing and also because an authentic cheap Coach handbag or accessory comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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