How to pick out good HDMI cable

And because a 1080p video and an 8-channel audio signal needs less than 4Gbps HDMI there is a great margin. This allows it to with a cable to connect the DVD player, the receiver and PRR.
HDMI cable quality is good or bad directly affect the playback of high-definition. Therefore, in the election of HDMI cable, you need to pay attention to a few steps.
Step one: Make sure the version of HDMI cable
The old and the latest two versions; common HDMI cable but it is recommended to buy the new version of HDMI cable, because of its higher bandwidth to meet the higher resolution, refresh rate and color depth, can support 1080P HD playback. However, the new version of the HDMI cable supports higher resolution, more conducive to family HDTV, and support the latest 3D features; selection of 3D cinema may choose the new version as well.
Step two: pay attention to the size of HDMI interface
HDMI interface in three standard port, mini port, micro mouth.
Most of the HDMI interface on the phone is the the micro HDMI width size is about 6 mm, most of the camera to Mini HDMI width dimension of 10.5 mm, standard TV and computer interface HDMI A type, a width of about 14.4 mm. Due to volume restrictions on the HD MP4 HDMI interface are basically mini port, so for the HD MP4 election HDMI cable, you must choose standard - Mini HDMI wire, otherwise could not get.
Step 3: HDMI cable is too thin certainly can not choose. Wire core material and the thickness of the shield on the signal quality of a great relationship, and certainly too thin wire line core and shield "shrink".
Step Four: HDMI cable length to fit their own
The theory of a single HDMI cable transmission distance is 10-15 meters, but the actual use, do not need that long. Before you buy, it is best to measure the required length, to the measurement results of 50 cm is enough margin too thin HDMI cable do not choose.
Step Five: Select the HDMI cable does not necessarily brand
Select a video online with magnetic shielding; Of course, if you feel do not understand is best to choose the brand, but the price of the brand should be high. .
Step 6: Interface gold-plated brightness, now available in the market to better quality HDMI cable with 24K gold-plated, which can effectively solve the problem of poor contact plug multiple pluggable, in order to avoid the phenomenon of loss of signal, affect the picture effect.

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