Nintendo 3DS flashcard review

There are many kinds of 3DS card in the market currently. They are very similar in function and operation. But which 3DS card is best for Nintendo 3DS
There are many kinds of 3DS card in the market currently. They are very similar in function and operation. But which 3DS card is best for Nintendo 3DS? If you are not familiar with r4 card, this article will be helpful.

Which 3DS card support latest 3DS V5.1.0 console

Nintendo keep on updating the 3DS firmware all the time, some 3DS card are locked as lack of kernel update. But some excellent 3DS flashcard support latest 3DS V5.1.0 system as well. It contains:
R4i Gold 3DS card from
R4i SDHC 3DS card (V5.0) and R4i SDHC RTS card from
R4i-Gold Pro card and R4i-Gold 3DS card from
R4i-Gold 3DS card from
R4i Gold plus card from (please update firmware to V2.0)
New TT 3DS card from (the old TT 3DS card can only support 3DS V4.5.0)
R4i RTS and R4i Dual Core card from (must be 2013 version)
3DS card from
Supercard Dstwo from
R4iTT RTS card from
R4idsn 3DS card from
Ace3DS card from
EZflash card from
(the Acekard 2i card only support 3DS V4.3.0; M3i zero and DSonei mini card support 3DS V4.5.0).

Which r4 card is best for 3DS?

It is hard to say which r4 card is best for 3DS/3DSXL console. But currently, the most popular 3DS card in the market is the R4i Gold 3DS card and the R4i SDHC 3DS card. Most players choose them to run DS games on 3DS system, as they are good in function and compatibility. Especially recommend the R4i 3DS gold card, it directly break 3DS V4.5.0, V5.0.0, V5.1.0 system, while many flashcard are locked by new 3DS system, and some others need to be upgraded. What is more, the Supercard DStwo is also powerful on Nintendo 3DS. It not only support normal DS games, but also support GBA game and Multi-media play.

Buy 3DS card with software and game preload

Default 3DS card and SD card from are blank. If you want us to pre-load the kernel and games for you, please note us in the order details. (you should buy both 3DS card and MicroSD card).. Our worker will install the latest R4 kernel and some DS games (such as Supermario, Contra) into the SD card. When you get the package, you can put the 3DS card with SD card into the 3DS console, then play game directly, no need any operation.

Any flashcard can play 3DS games?

All the R4 3DS card in the market can only play DS games, none of them can play 3DS games before. But now, we are glad to announce the Gateway 3DS card already hacked the 3DS games. It will be on sale very soon. Gateway 3DS team claimed they already break Nintendo 3DS games on May 30th. They upload a video to, showing run 3 X 3DS game with a special device called Gateway-3DS card. (3DS jailbreak video). (3DS jailbreak Video) That 3 3DS games are: <, <, <. Official website:

When will the first real 3DS card Gateway 3DS released?

The Gateway 3DS card will come out in end of June, it is under pre-order now. Gateway-3DS team claimed on official website that they already hacked all 3DS games, the first 3DS card is under production now, it will be on sale few weeks later, the estimated retail price is about 80 USD. But as a junior product, the Gateway 3DS card can't support DS games, and it can't support game saving. Buy Gateway 3DS

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