Nintendo 2DS will come

Nintendo will release a cheaper console called 2DS in North America and Europe. It will come on Oct 12th. New 2DS console can play 3DS games without 3D performance
Nintendo will release a cheaper console called 2DS in North America and Europe. It will come on Oct 12th, which is same date as <. New 2DS console can play 3DS games without 3D performance, it is a simple version of 3DS. The releasing price for 2DS will be $129.99.

The biggest feature difference (and the reason for the 2DS name) is as a result of this new version having the 3D feature cut out of the system. What this means is that it will play all 3DS and DS games, gamers won't have the ability to turn on the 3D screen, because it will use just a regular 2D Screen… Hence the name.

The other very noticeable difference is of course the single slate style molded body. It's not a clamshell design and had monaural sound. While some may argue that this pretty much gets rid of the feature set of the 3DS, with the big selling point being glasses free 3D, we think it's a smart (though strange looking) move by Nintendo to get the hand held system in to more hands, at a price that more families can afford.

The biggest benefit of the 2DS is of course the lower price point. At only $130.00 for the new Nintendo 2DS system, I think we'll see a whole lot of new gamers come to Nintendo's hand held offerings.

The graphics on the 3DS are amazing for a hand held games console. And the 2DS will NOT reduce the quality of the game visuals at all. In fact, the 3D slider on the 3DS only adjusts or turns on the 3D viewing, but doesn't actually enhance the graphics in any way at all. This way, you can play all of the great 3DS games with the same high quality graphics as 3DS owners would - except you'll be doing it a whole lot cheaper.

Nintendo 2DS specification
Made by: Nintendo
Release time: Aug 12th, 2013
Color: Red/white, blue/black
Screen: Doule screen, but can't be fold.
Battery: Better than 3DS, but weaker than 3DSLL
Weight: 260g. (3DS is 235g, 3DSLL is 336g)
Package: 2DS/Charger/Protective Bag

Can 2DS console use R4 card?
As we know, R4 card will simulate original DS cartridge to work on Nintendo 3DS/DSi/DS console. Neither 3DS nor DS can recognize r4 card as jailbreak flashcard. Since the 2DS is also designed for 3DS and DS games, it has very similar system with 3DS. we belive R4 card an also run normal DS games on it. After 2DS come out, we will test R4 card on it in first time, and release the testing result.

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