Highlance Inc finally launched its freelance website and opens the social marketplace to the rest of the world.

Highlance Inc launched its website to provides skilled professionals, freelancers and Small Medium Businesses from other emerging economies like Pakistan,India, China and Russia .
During this economic turmoil, now realize that productivity and predictability are more important business factors therefore Highlance Inc successfully launched its website to provide all SMBs and entrepreneurs' tools to tap into global resources, manage risks, deliver repeat business and increase quality, which ensures faster time to market.
Highlance helps to increased business opportunities through an online platform helping them in expanding global reach, integrated networking features allows all users to foster a business network and build a trusted relationship with global customers across the world.
For service providers, Highlance.com provides increased business opportunities through expanded global reach, knowledge and business networking and reputation management. Sign-up, bidding, and membership are free. Providers pay only a flat eight percent commission to Highlance upon the successful completion of a project.
Highlanec.com currently facilitates the exchange of services in the areas of web design and development, graphics design, programming, audio/video, corporate blogging, blog theme and plugin development, networking, IT consulting, writing & translation, legal consulting, finance & accounting, data entry, administrative support, market research and business plan development.

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