About CPA - Us CPA Course in India

Dedication to Excellence: demonstrating strong commitment to a global standard of professional conduct and ethics.
Businesses today increasingly require professionals who can integrate knowledge and skills from multiple sources to address strategic business issues and help create new innovation-driven business models. This innovation imperative call for unique opportunities for accounting professionals who can add new value in a global, liberalized and free economy. There is an urgent need for accounting professionals who are not only sound in the traditional accounting disciplines but also possess cutting-edge integrative and professional competencies with multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills.
In the wake of these interesting developments, NICPA has conceived, designed and developed a unique Professional Certification
Program the ‘Certified Public Accountant' (CPA) Program for the benefit of candidates seeking careers in the Accounting-Management-IT spectrum. The CPA Program is specifically designed to meet the demands of modern accounting professionals. The CPA Program integrates into its body of knowledge, areas like management, information technology & E-Business, US GAAP, code of ethics, and soft skills, along with the core areas like accounting, auditing, taxation and business law.

The CPA Program is a postgraduate professional program with the following broad objectives:
1. To impart knowledge of concepts in Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Business Law, Management, and Information Technology.

2. To improve the ability to develop a framework for using purposes of decision-making.

3. To deepen insights into practical applications of Accounting in a dynamic business environment.

4. To develop appreciation of the interface between Accounting, and other areas like Economics, Marketing, HRM, Operations Management, Finance, IT & Strategy.

5. To facilitate the development and growth of Accounting Professionals as Business Managers.

The CPA Approach
The CPA Program follows distinctive but interrelated approaches:
Continuous Learning: adapting state-of-the-art concepts and approaches to drive continuous improvement and adapting readily to new contexts and challenges.
Analytical Prowess: identifying core issues and determining what is most relevant in multi-faceted situations, dismissing irrelevant factors.

1. Networking and Resourcing: drawing up the talents of functional specialists and experts who create synergy, assembling high-performance teams. ?

2. Dedication to Excellence: demonstrating strong commitment to a global standard of professional conduct and ethics. ?

3. Impactful Communication: bringing clarity and simplicity to complex or technical concepts by using appropriate language, graphics and frames of reference. ?

4. Compelling Influence: developing comprehensive business plans in support of proposed initiatives, accomplishing objectives aggressively and cost effectively. ?

5. External Perspective: gathering knowledge on broad socio-economic, political, demographic, environmental, market and other trends that could impact the business.

Takshila Learning Pvt. Limited is a Delhi based reputed institute, providing various training programmes in finance and accounting branch viz. IFRS and US CPA. Visit to know course detail, fee structure, curriculum and to download free brochure.

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