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Why are backlinks (links placed to your website) important?
Links that are pointed to your website are important for two major reasons: 1. The links will drive more traffic to your website. 2. Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo will determine that if there is a high quantity of links that point to your site with your keyword phrase in the text, then you must be an important site for that keyword phrase. Building incoming links to your website is the most important step you can take to increase your organic search engine rankings, and boost your rankings on the major search engines for your website. Link popularity has been the deciding factor for some time on what will or will not rank well on all major search engines and directories. The more links pointing to a website, the more important it is assumed to be by the engines. Each website that links to yours is like a vote, stating that your website is important to the Internet. The more inbound links from other sites you have, the better. Exchanging links is the #1 priority on the list when it comes to search engine optimization.

How will Free Automated Link Exchange help increase my web site's search engine ranking and link popularity?
When you become a member of Free Automated Link Exchange, you will immediately receive hundreds of quality inbound links pointing to your site from all other sites in our directory. Most search engines consider inbound links to be a top factor in determining a web site's search engine position and factor Link Popularity into their relevancy algorithms. Relevant sites which link to your site will improve your search engine rankings. There is no one thing that will get you good rankings, but boosting your site's popularity will give it the edge it needs.

Are there any costs associated with joining Free Automated Link Exchange?
No, our services are free of charge. To activate your membership, you simply need to register for an account, create your link campaign and upload a small snippet of code to your website which you will link to.

How do I get started?
Signup free and you'll receive the password in your email. Then login to your account and start to create a link campaign with your website URL, title and description that you want to display throughout the Swapwords network.

Do I need to know programming languages to use Swapwords?
Absolutely not! You'll simply upload one small file to your server which is provided to you in your Free Automated Link Exchange account as you upload all your files normally to your web hosting account, via your favourite ftp program or web-based file manager. Then just place a link to this file on your website.

Are there any restrictions?
No. You can use our system on windows and unix/linux servers.

Is this illegal or spamming?
No, our directory consists of carefully matched links to ensure that this is fully ethical and to provide quality content for your website. We accept limited quantities in any category and concentrate on link publishing sites with high PR value and valuable page content. Every site is unique and not some design that is the same on all sites. We take great care in making sure that the links are relevant to the categories and so the search engines will spider all the links.

Is this a FFA or Link Farm?
No, all the links that point to you are from different websites that are "volunteer websites". These websites are not owned by Free Automated Link Exchange and they reside on different IP address ranges. A link farm is a web page that is nothing more than a page of links to other sites, with our system you can add your existing header and footer HTML to the link exchange directory to match the layout with your existing website theme, making the link exchange directory a legitimate and natural part of your website.

How soon will I see results?
Once your site is live in our network, search engines will pick up your site within one month. You should see an increase in search engine rankings under your keywords depending on the search engine/directory (and possibly PageRank). Since we're adding new sites daily to our network, your search engine rankings should increase monthly. It takes 4-6 months for the links to become "aged". Most of our clients see increased rankings on MSN in 21-30 days, Yahoo 60-90 days, and Google in 4-6 months, due to the aging of links.

How can I see where I'm at on the search engines now?
Go to and enter your keyword phrase and your website. It is recommended that you do this before registering on our network and then 30-90 days after to see how many positions you have improved. Try it and you will be surprised!

I have many websites - Can I manage them all with one Swapwords account?
Yes, your Free Automated Link Exchange account is enabled for use with multiple websites. You can manage multiple link campaigns from your account. There is no limit to the amount of sites you can manage.

Are there any types of web sites you do not allow?
Yes, we do not allow web sites containing pornography, racist information, warez downloads or illegal content. We do not allow FFA or Link Farm sites. Additionally, we do not allow sites that have been banned/blacklisted by search engines. For a full list of sites that are not allowed, view our terms.

What makes Free Automated Link Exchange different from other link exchange services?
Free Automated Link Exchange is different because you will automatically exchange links with hundreds of other quality websites rather than contacting other web site owners one by one. Also you cannot cheat with our technology. Free Automated Link Exchange accounts will not be active if our members don't link to their directory page correctly. We spider our members on an hourly basis to make sure all links are in place and done correctly. Other systems can put links on any page and not link to the link page.

How soon after I register will I have incoming links pointing to my site?
Once you register, create your linking campaigns and add a small piece of code to your website, you will immediately receive hundreds of links back to your site once our spiders verify the existence of the code on your server, which usually takes 3-6 hours.

How can I see the links that are pointing to me?
Click here to view the directory and all sites that you will exchange links with once you join as a free member.

How do you ensure the links are still up on all these other websites?
Our spider frequently checks the existence of the directory on all member sites on an hourly basis. If the link to the code file and/or the code file can not be localised, the member's link is immediately suspended from being viewed on the network.

How is my links page going to look?
Your default links directory consists of a category list and link list in each category. Click here to view how the default directory will look like. You can add your header and footer HTML to match the directory with your existing page layout so it fits seamlessly into your website theme. Click here to see the directory with integrated header and footer HTML.

Why is my website banned from your network ?
There are many reasons a member's website can be banned from our network. If you have removed your link from the homepage to your links directory, if your website's content is unsuitable, if you tried to cheat in some way your website may get banned. If your website is banned please contact us so that we can give you the exact reason. Also, spam sites will not be allowed into the index.

If I modify my website's description, how much time does it take for all the member's to update my listing?
This is where the power of our automated link exchange system comes into play. Your link is immediately updated on every member's website instantly! This is because we use the same universal code throughout our network.

I am a sponsored advertiser, how do I verify the backlinks to my website?
You can view the backlinks by browsing the directory at here, surfing the participating web sites, locating the directory link on their sites and accessing the category you selected during your link campaign creation.


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