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Swapwords Automated Link Exchange Manager

Swapwords is a network of websites, all linked together for the greater good. We establish a directory of these websites which is managed by Swapwords' admins. The directory is only a 1kb file, which you link to from your homepage when joining. Reciprocal linking is free. Swapwords automatically checks all the links in the directory on an hourly basis. This ensures no dead links. If the system finds a dead link it will automatically suspend and remove the link from the network. The owner of the dead link is then notified via e-mail.

Signup free as link publisher and get links instantly:

  1. Register for an account.
  2. Create a link campaign, submit your URL, title and description you displayed throughout the network.
  3. Upload a small 1kb file to your server which is provided to you in the account panel, link to the file from your website.

The file will show a directory with links of all publishers, just as on other publisher sites that link to you. This will increase your backlink count instantly and daily, as new publisher sites join which display your link in their directories.

Here you can view how the directory looks in plain default layout and all members currently using the system

You have the option of adding header and footer HTML to your directory to match the directory layout seamlessly with your existing website theme. Click here to view the link exchange directory with integrated header and footer HTML.

Free Automated Link Exchange

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Sponsored Links

If you do not want to place a link but instead would like backlinks from all the sites on our network, you do have the option of getting a paid listing. Your sponsored link will show up on the first page of your chosen category, at the very top of the page (high profile listing). However, there is only a specific number of listings available in each category, so book your listing now before it's gone. RSS XML Format


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